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Benefits of Taking a Martial Arts Class

Martial arts classes offer a variety of benefits for both children and adults. They provide exercise, build self-confidence, teach respect and discipline, and help relieve stress.

Improves Focus and Mental Focus
When you are focusing on your breath, training, and learning martial arts techniques, distractions melt away into the background. This can be especially helpful for those who experience chronic stress and have a hard time maintaining mental focus during physical activities.

Develops Social Skills
The team environment in a martial arts class encourages students to resolve conflicts and develop friendships with other trainees. This helps them develop social skills that they can apply outside of the gym as well.

Improves Fitness
Regardless of the style of martial arts your teen studies, they will benefit from a high-intensity workout. While they may not burn as many calories as a more cardio-oriented form of exercise, they still work all major muscle groups and joints in the body, which is important for building strength and flexibility.

Dispels Stress
Because of the focus required by martial arts practice, many students report that they feel less stressed after training. This is likely due to the way they are able to focus on one thing at a time, eliminating the ability to focus on other things that cause stress and tension.

Dissolves Tension and Anger
Because of their high-intensity workouts, martial arts classes allow students to release tension and anger until they are completely drained. Some arts, such as judo and aikido, use ritual shouts called kiai or kihap, which are made at the moment of attack, to help students control their breathing, increase their focus, and release their tension.

Consistency is Key
While most people have a tendency to want to improve faster than their bodies are capable of, martial arts is a discipline that takes time and effort. Trying to train too quickly and fail can be a sign that you aren’t committed to the sport.

Balance Is a Core Value
Martial arts is a holistic art that embraces the concept of balance. It teaches the student to move neither too fast nor too slowly, and to be calm and focused no matter what the circumstances are. This enables them to recognize good days and bad days and to find the right balance in their lives.

It is also a spiritual and emotional discipline that develops courage, tenacity, humility, compassion and kindness. The student also develops honor, discipline, integrity, a work ethic and respect.

This can be a difficult lesson to learn and requires practice and patience, but the discipline it creates can help with all areas of life.

The discipline learned in a martial arts class will last a lifetime and can be applied to other areas of your life. You will gain confidence, become stronger mentally and emotionally, and develop a higher level of concentration.

Despite titles, social status or education, all martial artists are equal when they compete against an opponent. This principle, known as kenpo, or “struggle for truth,” is the foundation of all martial arts.

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